All across Liverpool major development is taking place, reshaping the urban environment and creating new places to live and work. Nowhere is this transformation more apparent and fast paced than within the Baltic Triangle. Once the gritty industrial core of the southern docks the Baltic triangle is now the heart of Liverpool’s creative scene and home to a growing tech sector. Defined by a mosaic of light industry, trades, artists and entrepreneurs the Baltic triangle has a unique bohemian character where the cities trendiest bars and nightclubs sit alongside derelict warehouses and grungy scrapyards. New development within the Baltic triangle is beginning to create an interesting urban village with a diverse offer. However, these developments are often isolated oasis of activity within a greater urban desert. Through the development of a green infrastructure strategy this project looks to improve connections across the site creating the context for new developments and preparing The Baltic Triangle for future social, economic and environmental challenges. In their vision manifesto #TeamBaltic stated "What we need next - something bigger than the sum of its parts and more all-embracing than individual endeavour" simply put, that is what this project aims to achieve.