like oil AND water



 'Like Oil and Water' is a temporary landscape installation designed to feature in the Greenpeace field at Glastonbury Festival. Made up of a series of abstract wave shapes cut from damaged and no reusable tents left behind after the festival, the installation is intended to feature as part of a wider design focused around ocean health and environmental disasters.

Following on from two large scale landscape projects I went on to explore the smaller temporary spaces created during the Glastonbury Festival, working the 6 week build and de-rig with Greenpeace. Shocked by the volume of waste; especially leftover tents, I designed an installation that could easily feature in the Greenpeace field and made use of unwanted tents and camping equipment. The installation has been designed to be attached to an existing boardwalk feature in the Greenpeace field. Tents; that would otherwise go to landfill, are cut into abstract wave shapes, different colour materials highlight the health of our oceans representing oil spills and other environmental disasters. The wave elements are attached to a temporary scaffold structure making use of discarded tent poles and guy ropes to secure the material.